Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What do the managers do?
The managers live on the premises, and would be happy to support you with any questions and concerns you may have about living in Cross World. However, they do have full-time jobs, so they will not be available 24/7.
Q. Can I bring friends to Cross World events?
Please do! The more the merrier.
Q. What are the residents like?
The Cross World community is diverse. One manager has experience living and working in several European countries, and speaks English, French, and Spanish fluently. The other manager is a Tokyoite who grew up speaking both English and Japanese. Cross World’s Japanese residents are highly motivated businesspeople, ranging in age from 20′s to 50′s, who either have experienced living and/or working overseas, or plan to in the near future. Non-Japanese residents tend to be individuals with a keen interest in Japanese culture and language.
Q. This is my first time living in a shared environment.
Respect, consideration, and a positive attitude are key. There are plenty of opportunities to get to know other residents and make new friends.
Q. Is the projector free to use?
Yes. Please feel free to watch movies on our floor-to-ceiling projector. However, please be considerate of volume (particularly after midnight).

Q. Is there a parking area?
Yes, there is a parking area for bicycles and motorcycles. We currently have two common bicycles that all residents are welcome to use. We do not have a car parking space; however, there is a Car Share spot located just across the street.
Q. Is there Internet service?
Yes, our premises are equipped with thirteen Wifi routers. You will have internet access on your devices in both the shared lounge area and in your room.
Q. What are some general house rules?
Many of these are common sense: wash and put away your dishes after use, clean up after yourselves, be mindful of noise levels after midnight. A more detailed description of our house rules will be provided to you upon moving in.
Q. Will I be responsible for housekeeping?
We have a housekeeper who comes in four times a week for light cleaning of shared spaces. The semi-private space shared between two residents is to be cleaned by the residents. Please discuss these logistics with your housemate.
Q. What is included in the utilities?
The utilities include water, electricity, wifi, and housekeeping.
Q. How much is the initial costs?
No initial cost.

Q. What is the contract period?
Generally speaking, the initial contract period is six months. However, we understand that this period is longer than some would like, so we are willing to negotiate. After the first six months, a new contract valid for one year is issued. We understand that your plans may change quickly, but we would like to ask for one month’s notice prior to moving out.